How much does your head weigh? Guest blog by Gloria McNeil

Have you ever wondered how much does your head weigh and why does it matter? We asked Gloria McNeil to share her thoughts and expertise. So, why does it matter? Well, it probably weighs more than you think – about 9lbs, by the way; a similar weight to a bowling ball! You can imagine, then, that it takes quite a […]

Cyber Attack – prevention is better than cure

Most of you by now would have seen that the NHS and many other organisations around the world are infected with various encryption viruses. This has happened because one person on the inside has accidentally opened an email or clicked on a link in an email that they should not have. Then there is chaos! You must know this: Ransomware […]

Join NWCH to get better understanding of anger

Join NWCH to get better understanding of anger. NWCH CIC provides a central hub to support children, young people, adults and families within Lincolnshire. The hub delivers essential support for trainee counsellors and qualified counsellors via; training, CPD, networking, supervision, an open-door policy and a support line. NWCH enables local people to start a new career in counselling in a […]

Don’t keep it to yourself – share the love on Twitter! Guest blog by Paul Wilson

Have you ever wondered why some people like your post and don’t share it with their own audience of followers? We asked Paul Wilson of PRwilson Media to share with us why Retweeting matters. Have you ever been checking your Twitter notifications and spotted people have liked your tweet? But then do you find yourself wondering why some people don’t then share it […]

Technology and its uses in HR – Guest blog by Neil Buck‏

When, where and how we work is more flexible today than ever before. A flexible business needs to be equipped with the right tools, technical knowledge and support. We asked Neil Buck at The Personnel Dept to share his HR expertise to help you manage your HR function in a practical and efficient way. With the advancement of the cloud over the […]

Join us for a day trip to Chester – Guest blog by When you wish upon a Star @GemAtWish

Join “When you wish upon a Star” for a memorable day trip to Chester on board the Belmond Northern Belle Vintage Train Step on board the Belmond Northern Belle and you’re immediately transported back to the glamorous 1930s, when beautifully appointed “Belle” trains—the inspiration behind the Belmond Northern Belle – glided across the country in unrivalled comfort and style. The […]