Our Team

It takes time and effort to find and retain a quality team. Our promise to you depends on having knowledgeable and responsible people who are always ready and happy to provide a high quality service.

Octagon Technology was established in 1995 and over the years our customers have always valued us for our quick response, high expertise and reliable solutions. A combination of cloud-based services, field-based people and telephone support provide coverage across the county and beyond.

What does all of this mean to you?

  • Service you can count on
  • Increased productivity by focusing on your business instead of IT problems
  • Peace of mind knowing your infrastructure is reliable
  • Technology solutions that meet your business needs and requirements
  • Secure network to protect your data and customers
  • 24/7 technology monitoring

Meet the Team…




Diana Catton

Diana Catton – Managing Director

Diana is joint founder and Managing Director of Octagon Technology.

Twenty odd years ago Diana was teaching IT at a college in Essex when local companies started to come in and ask her for help with their computers. This led to the creation of Octagon Technology alongside fellow lecturer Clive, with a vision of providing Technology Without Tears for our clients.

Nowadays, Diana concentrates on the less glamourous side of the business, dealing with the statutory reporting, the strategic planning, the budgeting, forecasting and cash flow analysis. She also looks after the payroll, together with the human resources policies and procedures.




Clive Catton

Clive Catton – Technical Director and Client Support

It has always been Clive’s responsibility to specify and deliver solutions for our clients. He is responsible for planning and organizing our clients’ services; working closely with all parties to ensure Octagon delivers the results our clients need.

Clive also designs solutions for our customers, particularly where more complex problems exist, therefore he spends time researching and trying out future technologies and making sure Octagon Technology keeps up to date. Clive has been an expert witness due to his knowledge of forensic IT, and has also been an occasional contributor to the BBC in this capacity.

Even before the idea of Octagon Technology was born, Clive had a strong practical interest in mobile technology and handheld computers (he has used email from mobile phones and PDAs since 1998) so Octagon Technology has led the field in the adoption of mobile solutions and the increased use of smartphones and tablets.




Kamila Zolotar

Kamila Zolotar – General Manager

Kamila recently graduated with top marks in business and management from the University of Lincoln and joined Octagon Technology under the Graduate Internship scheme in 2014, deciding to stay on full-time with the company afterwards.

Since then, Kamila has become well-known with our clients and the wider Lincolnshire business community, as she is responsible for our day-to-day marketing activities as well as for developing the marketing plan in consultation with all Octagon Technology staff members.

Despite her title, Kamila divides her time between office-based finance and administrative work for the Managing Director, and the more exciting support side of the business with the Technical Director, controlling the shared diary, liaising with existing and potential clients and ensuring that our engineers are in the right place at the right time. She also undertakes special projects.




Jeremy Catton

Jeremy Catton – Marketing Assistant

Jeremy is Diana and Clive’s son and gave his first presentation about Octagon Technology to BNI when he was only 7 years old. He has been prominent at business networking events ever since, when his studies permit. Currently he is studying mathematics at university, but he continues to support the company on marketing activities, installations and on-site support to our customers.




Martin Mayes

Martin Mayes – Operations Manager

Martin joined Octagon Technology in 2006 after having worked for the third largest quantity surveyors in Europe, based in London.

Martin is a senior member of the team looking after our customers’ more complex IT systems and is a Microsoft Exchange and Office 365 specialist. Martin also manages the support for our customers’ equipment and infrastructure with both Cloud and local facilities.




Connor Jeffery

Connor Jeffery – Client Support

Connor is the newest member of the Octagon Technology team, having joined Octagon Technology as an apprentice in 2015. Connor quickly acquired technical skills and knowledge and has become the expert on the specialist software used by one of our clients.

Connor provides on-site support to our customers, fixing any issues they have with their PC’s, laptops, phones or servers, and assists on backup monitoring.




Michael Datoo

Michael Datoo – Client Support

Michael is Diana and Clive’s older son and over the years he has helped in a variety of positions but most often on installations and setting up of major projects for our clients.

Nowadays, Michael is responsible for the daily monitoring and reporting on the various remote servers, storage devices, equipment and backup systems. He also assists on on-site support to our customers.

A recent added string to Michael’s bow is one-to-one training for our clients on how to use a Mac, as well as troubleshooting any problems clients have with their Mac computers.

Michael is currently completing a course in Creative Media Production and Technology and will be joining Octagon Technology full-time in July.




Alex Kingsley – Web Support Specialist

Alex created his first web page in 1996 and since then has developed skills in HTML, PHP and database development. Alongside those skills he is also very experienced in hosting and domain name administration.

As part of the team, he provides web support for Octagon Technology’s site and their clients’ sites.