Microsoft OneNote

Microsoft OneNote Tips

Microsoft OneNote Tips Five Microsoft OneNote Tips to convince you to use OneNote. Is OneNote the best software Microsoft has ever produced? A bold question, but I truly think that a cross-platform app that is the perfect companion to your tablet or smartphone and then seamlessly syncs that information back to desktop software and a web app rates high praise. OneNote […]

Apple fingerprint tech raises ‘privacy questions’

After the Apple iPhone 5S launch hype, now here come the thoughtful questions about, how, what and when. How does the Apple iPhone 5S really work? What happens to the identification data on the device? When will it and you get hacked? BBC News – Apple fingerprint tech raises ‘privacy questions’.

Secure Cloud Storage

Is DropBox secure? There is a short story before I get to “Secure Cloud Storage”. Today my appointments did not join up, which meant a two hour gap around midday. I had the choice to go from the north of the city to Branston and then back to the north of the city or to find somewhere to park up […]

Super NAS Drives

The other day I installed a NAS drive at one of our clients who runs a farm. It is the first of a new product which we are using now as our standard. This device has the capability of Web services such as email and even WordPress. We can configure it to run as your own web-server. This device also […]