Super NAS Drives

The other day I installed a NAS drive at one of our clients who runs a farm. It is the first of a new product which we are using now as our standard. This device has the capability of Web services such as email and even WordPress. We can configure it to run as your own web-server.

This device also has the ability to back itself up and sends you an email to tell you when it has done.

These devices are great for small companies who don’t want the expense of a huge server. They have a capacity that is not to be sniffed at. Up to 6TB which is actually 3TB split in to 2 as one drive is a replica of the other for that extra security.



New Network

Over the last few days I have been installing a network from scratch in a building with 2 floors. The main challenge of all this was the trunking which was pre installed for the power sockets. To make the network sockets go in we had to source special boxes that would compliment the decor of the office and fit nicely in the trunking. The main network infrastructure is now complete. The next steps are to install a NAS in the loft for security. This unit has 2 hard disks in it which copy each other automatically, so if one fails the other takes over.