How much does your head weigh? Guest blog by Gloria McNeil

Have you ever wondered how much does your head weigh and why does it matter? We asked Gloria McNeil to share her thoughts and expertise.

So, why does it matter? Well, it probably weighs more than you think – about 9lbs, by the way; a similar weight to a bowling ball! You can imagine, then, that it takes quite a bit of exertion to sit all day, hunched forward over your keyboard, holding your head in position. This type of strain can lead to shoulder and back tension and pain.

Take a moment to scan your body. Start at your head, then move down your shoulders and back, hips and legs and then over your chest. What do you feel? Any tense, tight or sore spots? Do you find yourself with your shoulders up near your ears? Maybe your chest is tight and a bit tender? Perhaps you feel like there’s a hard, sore point in the middle of your shoulders?

If any of these rings true, what can you do about it? First, think about optimising your work station and building regular breaks, walks and exercise into your day. What else can you do?

Let’s take Susan, for example. She came to see me because of pain she described as ‘stiff and solid’ in her back and shoulders. Susan works long days – often without a lunch break – and spends much of her day typing documents and usually working to tight deadlines.

To help Susan’s discomfort, I used the Emmett technique – a quick light touch therapy that can often be done without removing any clothing – to ease the tension which, in turn, relieved her pain. A session of treatment usually consists of a consultation to establish your health history and what is leading to the issue affecting you. This is followed by some light touch therapy which, in Susan’s words, “worked like magic”. Susan now comes to see me every 6-8 weeks to maintain the benefits of her treatment.

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