When cyber-attacks, email problems or slow computer are a never ending story. Reliable IT support is what you need


IT Support

Nowadays, the way most businesses operate is determined not only by the technology they use but also by IT Support services they can rely  on. Modern technology allows you to work at any time and often from outside of your regular office environment. You may increasingly find yourself checking your emails whilst on a train traveling to or from work, replying to social media comments whilst at lunch with one of your colleagues or sending some business documents whilst on holiday abroad. This often requires a reliable and responsive IT support.

The truth is that not many modern businesses can close their doors, switch off the lights and forget about the work until the following morning. Sometimes it is required to work longer hours or even take work home, meaning that most businesses must be ‘always on’.

For some businesses there is a need for a small amount of IT support, this will increase with larger or more complicated companies and systems, to businesses that need 24/7 IT support. IT support is needed in order to maintain a high level of productivity and performance, provide outstanding customer service, drive leads and sales, and stay competitive in today’s global marketplace.

Do It Yourself

DIY isn’t always the easiest way to do something and although it may be educational and informative, when it comes to your business technology you may find it time-consuming, stressful and it may be risky too. Employing a knowledgeable and reputable IT company on a regular basis is not as costly as you may think and it certainly gives you peace of mind and confidence that your infrastructure is reliable and important business documents safe and secure.

So, who needs reliable and responsive IT support?

  • Any businesses who rely on any form of technology

Regardless of size and nature of your business, you possibly use a laptop or desktop PC, send emails and keep electronic versions of documents on any of your devices, including your smartphone, in order to run your day-to-day business activities. It is almost certain that at some point you will need help from a knowledgeable IT expert as you may be affected by a slow computer, email not working or unable to access that important document you must send out immediately.

An IT emergency can happen anytime and when the least expected, so have at least that telephone number to your IT expert at hand when the worst happen. By talking to someone knowledgeable straight away you can obtain valuable advice and reduce downtime significantly, minimising the negative consequences to your business.

  • Companies with remote workers

Increasingly companies are offering staff more flexible and remote working opportunities. The need for greater flexibility is being driven by new technology, globalisation and emerging markets, enabling businesses to stay competitive. Forward-thinking businesses require from their workers to be able not only to access the company networks during office hours from their own devices, but they may also need to do this out of normal working hours. Remote working truly is presenting some great opportunities but it will also create some risks too. Staff who work on their own devices outside of the office network must be able to talk to an experienced IT expert when a problem occurs.

Flexible working is set to be the new trend for small businesses in the UK. Are you prepared for it?

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  • Companies who want to differentiate their services

Businesses want to offer an outstanding service to their clients, they want to use a bespoke system or program in order to add value to their customer service or the products/services they sell. Outstanding, reliable and responsive IT support is the key if you want to add this value to your customers.

The impact of system downtime should not be underestimated. It will affect your organisation’s reputation when your clients or suppliers are unable to access information, or when data is lost through lack of backup and security. Also, it can create recruitment problems. Employees can quickly become demotivated if they struggle to do their job because of IT issues.

For information on our IT Essentials Packages please contact Kamila at our office by emailing her kamila@octagontech.com or call us on 01522 797520. With our IT Support your business has all it needs to succeed in today’s highly competitive marketplace.

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