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Ransomware attacks increase again – We can help you defend your data!


Make sure your business is on solid ground when it comes to this real threat

Ransomware is a very invasive form of malware and it has been around for many years, presenting a significant threat to your computer system. It infects your computer and network and encrypts your vital files and data, remaining an effective way for criminals to get what they want.

Don’t let this happen to you

Having a preventative strategy in place can save your enterprise from financial loss and reputation damage. Maintaining up-to-date file backups is essential. Data backup should be an integrated part of your business, the best data backups are automated, managed and monitored and are fast to recover when the worst happens.

We have developed a variety of secure data backup systems that takes full advantage of the improvements in fast mass storage devices and Internet connection speed.

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So how does our system work?

  • Your information is copied securely to UK-based backup servers, regularly ensuring the complete security of your data
  • The backup process is entirely automated ensuring that backups are never forgotten
  • We have a member of staff whose main duty is to monitor your backups on a daily basis

Our Promise

Our service is based on IT knowledge and expertise, effective communication, trust and a friendly approach, therefore we’ll get to know your business first by listening and talking to you and visiting you on-site in order to better understand your technology needs and requirements.

Some facts:

Business data goes hand-in-hand with its operations and every company’s worst nightmare is losing valuable information, which may threaten its hard-earned competitive position, ruin the company’s reputation, or lead to expensive litigation. Still it is a commonly overlooked element within businesses.

Research shows:

  • 60% of data backups are incomplete
  • Over 50% of businesses use external hard drive without some type of online backup connection
  • A third of SMEs let employees choose how to backup data at work
  • On average, by the 6th day of a major data loss, companies experience a 25% loss in daily revenue

…this approach is risky and may put a business in greater danger; businesses must  have a clear and safe backup strategy in place.

Using our decades of expertise, we can suggest the best methods for your data protection. Contact us for free, no-obligation advice.

Protect your data today, before it’s too late.