Back in the UK straight on to a wireless network

Well, back from my hols already hit the ground running. This morning was called in to sort out a high powered wifi network. Yet another thing we at Octagon can do. This particular network, if configured in a specific way can have a range of up to 6 miles!  But this kind of power is only really used if you […]

Lincoln Skyline

Today we are working on the roof for a client, right in Lincoln city centre, starting to set up a wifi and a webcam for them.

WiFi at Lincoln City Football Club

Just about the last job we did before Christmas was to improve the quality of the wifi internet in the Business and Networking Centre (BANC) that Lincoln City Football Club run. The signal strength of the wifi connection they had, was not very strong and as we use the Centre a lot, we offered to improve it for them. The […]