WordPress Managed Backup Service

WordPress Managed Backup Service

As an IT support company we provide data backup services to a wide range of businesses, because whatever your size you know your data matters. And not to be able to recover it would be nothing short of a disaster, even the end to your business.

But if you run your website on WordPress, do you know what steps you or your web designer has taken to protect the contents of your site – your themes, plugins, images and data?

In our experience, most businesses assume either their web designer or hosting company is covering their backs for them – that if the worst comes to the worst backups are in place.

What most web designers do: They rely on the hosting company to provide backups.

What most web hosting companies do: They put clauses in their terms & conditions making the end user responsible for the backup of their websites. They do not accept responsibility.

So the buck stops with the website owner. But that’s where we can help with our WordPress Managed Backup and Security Monitoring Service.

We ensure your WordPress website is monitored and backed up automatically, regularly and securely so that in the event of a website failure we can have your site restored with the minimum of fuss.

And as part of the service, we will support the transfer of your WordPress website to another hosting service, taking care of all the migration issues involved and all included in your monthly subscription.


  • Supports both manual and automated (daily scheduled) backups. Can even be customised to a specific time
  • All backups are stored off-site in secure data-centres with built-in redundancy measures
  • Your data is transferred securely from your website and stored in an encrypted format
  • Comprehensive logs are created and kept of the backup process
  • The whole process is monitored by our staff
  • Restoring a website is carried out simply and efficiently by our staff
  • Site migration (where required) is all part of the service
  • We offer a full backup support service – everything is taken care of for you

Daily WordPress Core, Theme and Plugin Checks and Updates

Additionally, we can provide daily checks and updates for your WordPress core, themes and plugins. One of the main security issues with WordPress is site owners not regularly monitoring and updating these elements of their website.

We can take care of all that for you.

Does your website need to be designed or hosted by us?

In a word, no. We will need administrator access to your WordPress Dashboard to install a plugin to set up and maintain the backup and WordPress core, theme and plugin monitoring and updating service. That’s all.

Monthly Subscription

£10.00 + VAT for the standard WordPress Managed Backup Service.
£15.00 + VAT for the standard service plus WordPress Core, Theme and Plugin updates (recommended)

Annual Subscription

£110.00 + VAT for the standard WordPress Managed Backup Service. ONE MONTH FREE!
£165.00 + VAT for the standard service plus WordPress Core, Theme and Plugin updates (recommended) ONE MONTH FREE!

What should you do now?

Simply call us on 01522 797520 to discuss your requirements or use the contact form.