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Octagon Technology and Business Doctors are to co-host a seminar in order to educate local SMEs on how to maximise their growth and utilise technology in a safe manner.

Derek Irvine, Director at Business Doctors said “Sometimes it can be hard and very lonely running a business. Today’s marketplace is increasingly competitive, complex and many businesses find it difficult keeping all the plates spinning and making a real success of their business despite having some great products or services to sell.”

Derek said “Managers may be asking themselves “where are all the good people or customers to be found?”  And when they find them, they may be thinking “why are they so demanding, who do we trust, why aren’t we making enough money again this month or how on earth have we just lost that long established key customer?”

 ‘It might be understandable to feel bogged down from time to time as the obligations and issues pile up, but a successful business needs to have and follow a plan. We will show them how to think differently about their plans by helping them to define their business vision and its effectiveness, find and exploit their competitive edge and manage and support the best people for their business who will help it to achieve its sales potential.”

Clive Catton, Technical Director at Octagon Technology said: “Technology is here to make our lives easier and help us work more efficiently. To keep pace in an increasingly competitive world, every organisation needs a secure and reliable network, and engaged employees who will protect its reputation, otherwise it will lose opportunities, profit and even data.

“Businesses must wake up to the importance of connected and secure technology. They must be aware of the cyber threats and remember that cyber security begins within their business. Cyber criminals will look for the weak points in an organisation as these present the easiest opportunities for attack. Companies must look at solutions and understand the various ways in which employees can be responsible for security breaches.”

“They need to have a strategy to grow ‘safely’! This seminar a great opportunity for them to re-think where they are heading, set some new goals and maybe consider a new direction.”

The event will take place on Friday 23 September at Lincoln City Football Club, LN5 8LD at 12:30. It is free to attend. Refreshments and buffet will also be provided, along with the opportunity to network with like-minded business people.

Visit the website for more information and to book your place.

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