Ransomware attacks increase again – make sure your business is on solid ground when it comes to this real threat. Educational session by Clive during The Business Network Lincoln event

On 21st September Clive Catton (Technical Director at Octagon Technology) run another very successful and informative presentation on Ransomware, and this time it was during The Business Network Lincoln event at The Lincoln Hotel.

The aim of this session was to equip local businesses with both knowledge and tips on how to improve their data safety and prevent the infection.

Clive said: “Without taking the proper preventative measures you are putting your business into greater risk and if the worst happen you are stuck with this costly option ‘just pay it.’ Don’t ruin your day with a bad virus on your computer…be vigilant and make sure your staff is vigilant too.”

Rules to follow to prevent the infection:

Rule # 1. Use a reputable and up-to-date anti-virus system and run periodic scans with a trusted anti-malware product. Without a protection your system is vulnerable to Ransomware.

Rule # 2. Stay vigilant and do not open any .zip or .pdf attachment on an email, from an unexpected or unknown sender.

Rule # 3. If you receive an unexpected email from someone you know get in touch with that person to confirm the source of this email first – the sender’s system may itself have been infected with something nasty.

Rule # 4. Surf smart – try to only visit sites you know and trust.

Rule # 5. If you visit a new site, be vigilant to any type of warning signs in your browser, this may be a first signal that you are on a malicious site.

Rule # 6. Be careful when inserting media into your computer or anywhere on the network – this is a way Ransomware and other malware is transmitted and spread.

Rule # 7. Importantly, have a backup in place with a retention policy. Data backup needs to be an integrated part of your business. The best backup systems are automated, managed and monitored and are fast to recover if the worst happens.

Having a preventative strategy in place can save your enterprise from financial loss and reputation damage. Maintaining up-to-date file backup is essential. Good backup must have a retention. Data backup should be an integrated part of your business, the best data backups are automated, managed and monitored and are fast to recover when the worst happens.

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