Don’t keep it to yourself – share the love on Twitter! Guest blog by Paul Wilson

Have you ever wondered why some people like your post and don’t share it with their own audience of followers? We asked Paul Wilson of PRwilson Media to share with us why Retweeting matters.

Have you ever been checking your Twitter notifications and spotted people have liked your tweet? But then do you find yourself wondering why some people don’t then share it with their own audience by Retweeting? You are not alone!

Here’s the thing. The people and accounts who just casually “like” a tweet and then do nothing more with it are literally wasting their own time and in the process potentially making a negative impression. Chances are they will never go back to look at the content, and it could even be that they’ve set up some kind of automation to do the liking for them. It just makes no sense.

Yet spending a few more seconds could make all the difference.  Consider this. If it’s helpful or interesting to you, chances are it will help and be of interest to your audience of followers. So why not click the Retweet button right next to it and pass it on. Plus, you can even add your own personal comment around why you find it helpful before you Retweet.

Why does this matter? If you take that tiny little extra step of Retweeting, it immediately tells the original tweeter that you really do value it. They are far more likely to take the time to reply and thank you for Retweeting than for just liking. And guess what? Next time you put out an interesting tweet they will most likely look to Retweet one of yours. And who knows they could have a much bigger audience than you. Be a community player. Don’t just lazily give a like and then not give it a second thought.

If you want to get even more community points, first like the tweets then a short time later make the time to go back to the tweets you’ve liked and then Retweet them. This means the original tweeter gets double the notifications and are much more likely to notice you.

Think of all the influencers out there in your network and ask yourself how you can support them by liking and Retweeting.  Trust me,  it will be time well spent.

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