The season to be geeky!

We all know someone reminiscent of a character from The Big Bang Theory, but what do you get them for Christmas?

If comic books and computer games aren’t your cup of mulled wine, but need gift ideas for someone who’s it is; then Octagon Technology staff have got you covered.

Here’s a list of products we think will appeal to everyone’s inner Geek.

Clive – Apple AirPods

“I bought these AirPods, first to use with my iPhone 6S but I now use them with an iPhone 8, an iPhone with no headphone socket. They are Brilliant!

The good points about them:

  • The battery life is good for such small batteries and the case is a charger, which is ideal for when you are on the move.
  • The earpieces can be used individually- this extends their use during a working day when I am using them as single “phone earpieces”
  • Double tap on AirPod and Siri will make a call for you. Even cooler, program one ear to control the Music app and the other to control the Siri.Down side – they cost £170 and you only get all the cool features on the latest iOS devices.

Good for work and play.

Down side – they cost £170 and you only get all the cool features on the latest iOS devices.

Diana – Bluetooth Bedside Lamp and Speaker

Perfect for reading or listening to audio books, music, or better sound quality for your smart device when watching videos.

  • It’s rechargeable
  • compact – which makes it very portable
  • touch sensitive control for four light patterns
  • three brightness settings
  • 48 different colours!

You can also use an AUX socket, SD card or USB flash drive to play your media.


Martin – USB Robotic Arm Construction Kit – Maplin

This educational kit is a great Christmas Day project and is the perfect introduction to modelling and robotics. This item is exclusive to Maplin, where you can buy the tools needed to complete the kit.

Open this one early on Christmas Day and it will be ready in time to pull crackers at the dinner table.


Kamila – Lego Star Wars Advent Calendar

Open a different kind of treat each day leading up to Christmas, and one that lasts longer that 10 seconds.

Filled with some very cleverly designed mini constructions, you can mix and match or build a diorama.

Lego Shop

Connor – Funko Pop! Vinyl – Deadpool

You’ve most likely seen Funko Pop! Vinyl collectable figurines before as their popularity has increased in recent years. They are cartoon-ish representations of pop culture icons from all types of media and franchises as well as sports and music.

This selection of Connor’s is Marvels Deadpool, portrayed on screen by Ryan Reynolds, with his second solo film set for release in the Summer 2018.

You can find Funko Pop! Vinyl figurines in HM, Game, Argos and many other stores.

Michael – Darth Vader Christmas Jumper

To add my First Order slippers and Sith robe dressing gown I had to gift myself last year, this festive jumper is the perfect next step to ruling the galaxy together with the greatest force user of all time!

I intend to wear it when I go see “The Last Jedi” with Clive and Jeremy.

Christmas is getting more and more Star Wars every year and I don’t mind a bit.


Jeremy – Ray Gun Nose Trimmer

“Set faces to stun!”

Arm yourself to the nose with this novelty grooming device guaranteed to bring a smile when opened. When compared to the alternative, this painless option is something every man needs to keep his ears and nose more geeky than freaky.


Alex – VSCO Camera App

This app for your smartphone camera is in the top 20 on the Apple App Store and has been downloaded one million times from Google Play with ratings of around 4.5 on each.

The aim is to bring together people who are passionate about creative photo editing to share their work and inspiration. It comes with a library of present filters and enhancements as well as having the option to save your favourite combination of edits.

“For creators, by creators, the VSCO app helps you reach your creative potential within a community that values honest and imaginative expression above all else”



So once again, Octagon Technology is always happy to help!




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