Start to finish compliance and training – Get GDPR compliance without tears

We have all been warned, GDPR compliance is obligatory as of May 25th this year, along with that come some hefty consequences for not complying. The thought of a multi-million pound fine along with the involved regulation text, the whole thing can seem a bit scary.

But there’s no need to panic! As this is essentially an update on the DPA (Data Protection Act 1998) to protect the data cloud and the masses of information companies now hold.

This necessity has emerged with the advancement of information technology. I’m sure some of you may know that the first commercial computers were produced as early as 1950s meaning that few decades ago most people didn’t even have their own computer at work and today everyone has a computer in their pocket.

As this bill is primarily intended to regulate personal information held on computer systems (although it does apply to paper data as well) it is I.T. teams that are leading the charge towards compliance.

At Octagon we are ahead of the game and began working on GDPR a year ago, running our first seminar about the topic to our valued clients in September 2017, which proved to be an enormous success.

We understand the importance of being GDPR compliant and we can honestly say that today we are experienced and knowledgeable about the new regulations, and are very close to achieving compliance ourselves.

Last week we shared our knowledge at a seminar in the VIP Lounge at Lincoln City Football Club. It was a full house at the event with over 80 people in the room and it was attended by people from business of all sizes, different sectors and locations, including students from Alford Grammar School.

It is extremely important to know what the new legislation entails and therefore we offer GDPR training sessions to businesses of all sizes; where you can send the nominated member of your company to:
• Gain an understanding of what GDPR requirements are
• Be advised and trained on the technologies / software you may need to implement
• Have the opportunity to discuss and research how GDPR relates to your specific business
• Create and work through a GDPR road map to compliance

We aim for this program to take someone with no prior knowledge regarding the new regulations and have them leave capable of managing your business’ compliance.

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