Octagon Technology helped The Business Network Lincoln to celebrate 25 years of connecting decision makers

Last week The Business Network Lincoln celebrated their 25th years of ‘connecting decision makers’. So there was a birthday cake and a few bottles of handcrafted sparkling Elderflower Wine made using Lincolnshire Elderflowers and blended with Chardonnay grape. Absolutely delicious!

The atmosphere was happy and relaxed, and there were toasts and ‘Cheers’ all way round. Absolutely fantastic!

As part of the event Clive run a seminar about data safety and security.

‘What would you do if you left your laptop at the back of a taxi seat?’.

‘Encrypt your secrets, have a strong password for all your online accounts and devices in place and have an effective backup in place too’ Clive continued.

As an additional benefit all attendees were invited to attend our FREE IT Clinic at Lincoln City Football Club on the 18th July.

Octagon Technology has been offering IT Support in Lincoln and the surrounding areas for over 23 years now. We strive to provide proactive care, to prevent the crisis before it happens, for example with our tailored back up services. However, sometimes problems can’t be prevented, and in this case we provide both on-site and remote support for your system. We now have 5 members of technical staff who aim to get you back up and running as soon as possible.’ Jeremy Catton, Marketing Assistant

If you want to find out more about Octagon Technology and what we are excellent at or if you would like Clive to deliver a technology seminar, training or workshop for you then please get in touch kamila@octagontech.com or 01522 797520.

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